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June, 2018
The King's Coat, book no.1 The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, by Dewey Lambdin

Storm Force to Narvik Book 1:The Nicholas Everard World War II Saga

British Captain Nick Everard's destroyer is crippled by Nazi gunfire in the German invasion of Norway. Desperately attempting to repair his ship hidden in a remote fjord, Everard is unaware that his son is part of an Allied naval flotilla converging on Norway, and the two are fated to join forces in a deadly arctic battle. Taut action, gripping suspense, and intriguing family dynamics.

256 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-59013-092-6

List Price: $20.95
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"You don't read a novel by Alexander Fullerton. You live it." --South Wales Echo

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